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The Westshore Warehouse

The Westshore Warehouse is committed to providing you with a private facility and a broad range of fitness programs to enhance an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle for all walks of life.

The Westshore Warehouse Experience

  • Private facility
  • Brand new, state of the art fitness equipment
  • A variety of Fitness Programs for you to choose from
  • Washrooms and shower facilities
  • Friendly and experienced staff

HouseFit Training

Our Housefit coach provides nutrition guidance to motivate clients to make positive lifestyle changes. Our Housefit coach combines principles of both fitness and nutrition when helping clients. For the nutrition portion, the coach reviews a client’s current eating habits and wellness goals.


Whether amateur, professional, or the weekend warrior, we will prepare you for whatever sport is your passion. Individual and Team Training programs can be catered to fit your desired goals. Bottom line, “WE WILL MAKE YOUR STRENGTHS STRONGER AND TURN YOUR WEAKNESSES INTO STRENGTHS!”


Call or email us to find out more about renting our entire gym for training, instruction, seminars, birthday parties or any other event you wish to host in our gym. Weekends and late evening have the best availability.


We offer a no obligation and pay as you go corporate training program for companies looking to participate in team building, synergy among employees and health and wellness. We also offer packages for upcoming events, such as weddings, class reunions, athletic competitions and races.


Led by Facility Manager and Head Trainer Tim Simpson, these sessions cater to your specific health and fitness goals, while providing you with the best results in the least amount of time. We offer Single (1 trainer/1 client), and Double (1 trainer/2 clients) sessions.


Team Snatch Attack

A kettlebell is a training tool dating all the way back to ancient Greece and has more recently been used in Russian military and athletic physical training. Do not be afraid! When properly instructed, kettlebells are safe enough to be used by the young, the old, and those pre and post-injury. They can also challenge the most seasoned athlete and can take you to that next level of fitness.


Hatha Flow, Vinyasa inspired, balancing postures, spinal twists, heart, hip and mind openers, combined with a few core strengthening Pilates exercises.